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LAN, WAN and Wireless

At Split Horizon Pty Ltd, we understand the significance of a well-functioning network for the success of your business. As specialised information technology consultants, our team is equipped to handle all your LAN, WAN, and wireless needs

Your network is your foundation, make sure its built to support you Contact Us

Our Services

Split Horizon Pty Ltd provides a comprehensive portfolio of services to help our clients achieve their business goals and surpass expectations.

IT Operations Management

A comprehensive, proactive solution for your business, enabling you to concentrate on your core operations

Professional ICT Services

Delivering exceptional results by deploying our team of highly skilled professionals, who will expertly guide your project from conceptualization to implementation and beyond

ICT Consulting

We look forward to collaborating with you to formulate strategies and tactics for ICT disaster management and recovery, as well as conducting technical evaluations and audits


Fixed-Term Engagements:

Provision of highly-skilled engineers to meet temporary resource needs during peak workload periods

Contract Employees

Provision of qualified and certified engineers for flexible, short or long-term engagement at competitive rates

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