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ICT Consulting

ICT Strategy and Infrastructure Planning: Provision of support in the development of a roadmap aimed at maximizing investments in services and infrastructure for improved efficiency and innovation


Disaster Planning and Recovery: Provision of expert guidance and support in developing a comprehensive business continuity plan


Technical Review and Audit Services: Our team provides comprehensive evaluations of critical infrastructure to identify areas of performance optimization and stability improvement, as well as strategies for mitigating security risks.

Professional ICT Services

  • Design and Documentation Services: Our team provides comprehensive architecture design solutions, including the creation of a bill of materials, negotiation of discounts and procurement with vendors, and the production of high-level, low-level, and as-built documentation


  • Professional Engineering Services for Solution Implementation: Our team thoroughly tests all of your design components to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

Computer Repair
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Managed Services

  • Simplified service catalogue: Our team provides transparent pricing for all included services, facilitating a more streamlined approach to budgeting and planning


  • Round-the-clock Management and Monitoring: Comprehensive service desk providing various touchpoints and communication channels for seamless support and assistance


  • Comprehensive Consumption Report: Regularly and thorough reports to track and monitor usage and adherence to agreed service level agreements


Fixed-term Staffing Solutions: Provision of highly-skilled engineers to meet temporary resource needs during peak workload periods.


Experience Contract Personnel: Provision of qualified and certified engineers for flexible, short or long-term engagement at competitive rates

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Split Horizon offers a wide range of services to assist our clients in meeting and exceeding their business objectives

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